Jacob is available and interested to give private lessoons (for we are all teachers, all students) to any available and interested person in the following subjects, via Skype or in-person:

  • Music composition (including notation)
  • General musicianship (skills applicable to playing any instrument, e.g. ear training, rhythm reading, sight-singing)
  • Basic woodwind technique
  • Basic home audio recording


  • Microtonality and You: Microtonality is a rare, diasporic field of musical studies with potential applications in all styles of music. It proposes that pitch-system be treated as a legitimate musical parameter (alongside rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, etc.)  A thorough understanding of pitch systems is rooted in, but not limited to, the study of acoustics and the history of tuning. While much can be learned from books and the internet, it sometimes helps to have in-person company.

…with School for Designing a Society

udderbot girls
Fall 2014

The School for Designing a Society, established in 1991, is a project of teachers, performers, artists, and activists. It is an ongoing experiment in making temporary living environments where the question “What would I consider a desirable society?” is given serious playful thoughtful discussion, and taken as an input to creative projects.  At this project, I teach experimental composition, performance, design, and metaclowning;  I am also an alumnus and sometimes-organizer.

…with OddMusic-UC

DIY stencil assisted by Heather Ault

I helped to start ODDMUSIC Urbana-Champaign, a musical instrument library and music-makers’ cooperative.  ODDMUSIC used to host Office Hours, where the public can try out or borrow instruments; The OddMusic Radio Shower, a show introducing listeners to music we find significant; and the Udderbot Marching Choir, an experimental community theater-dance-music ensemble based on the udderbot.  We currently offer the following workshops via Skype:

  • Udderbot 101: Learn to make and play the udderbot! 2 hours, for up to 20 people (ages 6 and up).  Required materials: beer & wine sized bottles; small & medium size rubber gloves; electrical tape; duct tape; some cutting implement (wet saw, kebab skewer, butter knife).
  • The Sound Visual Connection: Various explorations into turning music into a visual art.
udderbot workshop indoors
Udderbot Making Workshop at SPROUT (Somerville MA)

Past collaborations include

speculative stage