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“Stuck” for string quartet

A large bit of my self-description, for much of my composing life, involves being stuck.  So much so tht “Stuck” ended up the title of this work, in an effort to shake the ascription from myself once and for all.

The working title for this string quartet was “Rhythmic MOS Study”, which accurately describes at least the first section of it.  A nineteen-pulse rhythmic period decays one pulse at a time, in three different parts with three different generators. I began an explanation of this theory over there, and don’t know when I’ll finish it.

It was written for the Ensø Quartet, who read an early draft in a few different sessions, which I then stitched together for the only remotely representative recording of the work (file currently in archive)

Dear string quartets,

This piece wants you!

The score is available for download; parts are available on request.