Oddmusic-UC winter of pre-natal post-mortem

Two and a half years ago, Andrew Heathwaite¬†and I were approached by Danielle Chynoweth of the UC-IMC. The IMC had office space available; Danielle took it as an opportunity to remind me that I wanted to start a musical instrument library. This desire combined with Andrew’s ideas about xenharmonic education, and Oddmusic Urbana-Champaign was born.

Two and a half years later, one can say that Oddmusic is still primarily driven by my and Andrew’s visions (delusions?), although by now countless others have been enthusiastically involved in a variety of ways. We are taking this winter to reflect on our activities so far, perhaps going as far as to distill them into media, designs, wisdom. Be on the lookout for these.

Oh, and we are raising funds for our continued operation and future projects!!!