Sagibelius 2.0 Released

Sagibelius is a set of extensions to the Sibelius notation software which enables the use of the Sagittal notation system. Sagittal is a consistent and intuitive system of arrow-like microtonal accidentals developed by Dave Keenan and George Secor with the intent of notating every possible tuning system. We used it to notate just intonation intervals at the first Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp, and I was encouraged by the results and by my own learning of it.

This free software is available for download here.

It was a long journey to completing this. I wrote the plugins initially in 2005, but updates in the Sagittal font rendered it incompatible with my version of Sibelius. It took five more years of intermittent struggling with fonts to come up with a special version of the font which works for Sibelius. The original plugin was written for the Spartan subset of symbols, but the higher-precision Athenian set, capable of notating pitches to 3-cent accuracy, was requested. Parts of the process were laborious and will likely remain so for future updates.

Not having a notation program capable of Sagittal has been one of the biggest roadblocks in my own process of composition since 2005. I’m glad that time is over. I’m currently compiling a “Sagittal Songbook” of small, singable pieces by myself and friends written in the meantime, with hopes of instigating a musical Arab Spring in these revolutionary times.

Please consider making a donation, especially if you use Sibelius and find this plugin contributive.