Have an Udderbot Xmas

So-called hit single from “An Udderbot Xmas” (unfinished, 2007). Jacob Barton on udderbots, vocals, gong (that’s all there is!).

Amateuroso music video created Xmas 2010 by JAB+TES3+Leaves of Grass.

STEREO FIELDAGE: use headphones or decent speakers to honor your attentiveness.

TUNING NOTE: This piece is tuned to an 11-note subset of 19 equal divisions of the octave, a “kleismic” chain of minor thirds.

METRIC NOTE: As drawn poorly on the pavement, the udderbot drum machine moves *smoothly* from a 16-beat pattern to a 17-beat pattern by way of 11 (nexus at 2:05), using the same kind of process used to generate the tuning, but applied to rhythm. Credit due to Erv Wilson and others.

Help the Udderbot go to Sydney!

I have been selected as a finalist to participate in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra, an orchestra composed of people selected by video audition from all over the world http://www.viagrapascherfr.com who will gather in Sydney, Australia under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas.

As an udderbot player, I was ineligible for a spot in the symphony proper, but was eligible for the Improvisation category, open to any instrument.  I think my audition turned out…well!  What makes it a real contender is the yet-unrealized novelty & potential of the udderbot itself.

This week folks can vote for their favorite auditions in each category.  Go to http://goo.gl/InLwu to vote for mine & view all the excellent finalist videos.

UPdate: There is also now a Facebook event for this message.