Jacob plays keyboard, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, udderbot, musical saw, trombone, one-man band, and sings tenor. He has also acted and moved.

Upcoming Performances

14 April 2014—Original composition Hoprock for solo udderbot and a TBD xenharmonic collaboration with Mike Battaglia, American Festival of Microtonal Music, NYC.

Past Performances


  • SDaS Fair: Designs and Rehearsal (22 Nov 2010 @ UC-IMC, Urbana): final performance of “Performance and Composition Laboratory” class.  I played percussion, udderbot, piano, whole-body, and tech setup.
  • WRFU 5th Birthday (13 Nov 2010 @ UC-IMC, Urbana): solo udderbot and vocal performance.
  • Composing the World We Want to Live In (13 Oct 2010 @ St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, NYC): part of a group of composer-performers from Urbana invited as part of What a Neighborhood! commissioning project.  I composed False Statement Bulletin 6, for 4 performers on various instruments. For this and others’ pieces, I played udderbot, one-man-band, and whole-body.
  • Living Room-Theater (28 Sept 2010 @ Herbert Brün House, Urbana): midterm performance of “Performance and Composition Laboratory” class.  Dante’s Joynte by Kenneth Gaburo; Living Room Music by John Cage; theater compositions on one-word poems from Texistence.  I played event-planner and percussion.
  • University of Illinois New Music Ensemble (21 Sept 2010 @ KCPA, Urbana):  As a guest composer-performer, performed De-quinin’ with clarinettist Pamela Shuler.
  • La Casa Benefit Concert for Ash Devine’s Educational Clown Tour (10 Sept 2010, Urbana): OddMusic, loop pedal karaoke, food, and friends. I played host, saxophone, udderbot, and sang.
  • Counterpoint, Counterstructure, Counterculture (27 Aug 2010, Smith Memorial Room, Urbana): SDaS ensemble meets Sever Tipei and U of I community. I performed my Orwellian Spiral Canon No. 2 for 31-EDO voice, and hoprock for 17-EDO udderbot.
  • An Udderbot Recital (20 Aug 2010, UC-IMC, Urbana): Sharing of new compositions for udderbot. I played udderbot, friendly commissioner, arranger, and event-planner.
  • Oddmusic Garden Concert (27 Jun 2010, Urbana): Unique instrument-featuring event.  I played udderbot, sharing selections from AquaTown.
  • AquaTown: A Future Hydrohistory (10-13 Jun 2010, UC-IMC, Urbana): Multi-media collaborative performance project directed and produced by Andrea del Moral.  I played music director, composer, udderbot, trombone, melodica, frog, hulusi, tubes, etc.
  • carTunes Jazz and Parkland Big Band (Spring 2010): I joined two jazz big bands in order to practice trombone socially.
  • The Truth About Injustice Always Sounds Outrageous (31 Mar – 2 April 2010, Evergreen State College, Olympia WA): SDaS ensemble collaboration on a program of interwoven music and theater.  I played full-body, udderbot, clarinet, voice.
  • Moondog Madrigal Puppet Show (19-21 Feb 2010, Charlestown Working Theater, Charlestown, MA): An Exciting Event collaboration; I helped orchestrate the music, played Professor, bass clarinet, udderbot, sopranino recorder, voice, and Big Gulp.

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