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Jacob (b. 1985) has been composing music since age 5.   Born into a musical family, he was fortunate to receive composition lessons at an early age from Kurt Grossman, BJ Leiderman, and Timothy Bandy. His love for the menagerie of extant instruments led to reading orchestration books during soccer practice and completing a concert band piece in middle school.  At age 15, with the support and help of his father Michael, he released his an album, Taking Inventory: 10 Years of Music Composition. In high school, he studied with Andrey Kasparov at Governor’s School for the Arts.

Jacob continued his studies at Rice University‘s Shepherd School of Music with Art Gottschalk, Ed Applebaum, Kurt Stallmann, and Karim Al-Zand. In his spare time he researched microtonal music on the internet, recorded improvisations in various microtonal scales, and organized several events including Make Microtonal Music Month and the Seventeen Tone Piano Project.

Since his run-in with School for Designing a Society in 2005, Jacob has taken an expanded view of what composition could mean. He has tried composing in other media, including instrument building, collective living, a cybernetic puppet show, calls for participation, and social happenings.

Here is a listing of compositions featured on this website thus far:

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  1. Hello, Jacob. I understand that you wrote a neat plug-in that allows use of Sagittal notation in Sibelius. I am highly interested in mixed Sagittal for a project that I want to work on, and I was wondering if it might be possible for me to work on further developing your plug-in to include mixed Sagittal . I want to use it to write a different kind of ear-training book. (In addition to the one I have advertised on my website.) And, if possible, to do this including correspondence with you instead of slugging it out on my own.

    Andrew Meronek

    1. Hi Andrew! I’m sorry to say your comment got buried in spam messages. In case you are waiting to hear back from me to move forward, please know that you have my blessing to work on a mixed version of Sagibelius. It should not be too hard, as it won’t require any more code, just a new version of the symbols palette. But let me know if I can be of assistance, in terms of elucidating the work already done. -Jacob

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