2 thoughts on “New (Old) Album is Out (digitally)”

  1. On Bandcamp, at which site I can’t seem to send this message successfully…: While listening to Indecisive Revolutions, I decided to Follow you and Bandcamp made me login to do so, which resulted in me listening to the piece in two tabs in my browser, with a slight offset in time from one tab to the other. “What wonderfully busy and complex music!” I thought. Then I closed one tab and found that the music was a lot less busy and acoustically complex. (I’ll exercise the grace not to add, less wonderful. 😉 ) Just so you’ll know, I am also a fan of Brendan Byrnes, whose music tends to be dense; I offer that observation to help you understand my perspective. Anyway, thanks for uploading Taking Inventory. It’s nice to listen to. And try “doubling up” occasionally. More noise! More noise!

    1. Thanks for this note, George! Do you happen to know approximately how the two playings were offset – one second? Three seconds?

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